DEX for Android - Tutorial for copying the DEX database to the SD card

Romanian Version   

This method does not work for Android 11+. For Android 11+ use the last option 'Download file' from the 'Preferences' screeen in the app.

In order to copy the dex.dict database from to the SD card of the phone you must:

  1. Download the database to your mobile device:

    A. high speed (dex.dict - unpacked, recommended ~300MB)
    1. Google Drive
    2. MediaFire

    B. high speed ( - packed ~100MB)
    1. Google Drive
    2. MediaFire

    C. low speed ( - packed, not recommended ~100MB)
    1. Local

  2. If you downloaded the zipped archive, unpack the file -> you will get a file called dex.dict of ~300MB in size. For unpacking you can use a free application like Astro File Manager.

  3. It's recommended you download the database on the sdcard root or in the 'download' folder, then the path to the database is automatically detected by the application and you will not need to follow the next step.
    The paths that are automatically detected are:


  4. If the path to the database has not been automatically detected then open the DEX for Android application. Go to the Preferences screen. Scroll down until the last option: Dictionary location. Write there the location to the unzipped file, dex.dict.

    If you do not know the path to the file, you can use a free application like Astro File Manager, long click on the file and choose Properties - there you can observe the path.

    The path looks like below:


    or, if you downloaded into the Download folder:


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